BMW + Aplina engineers 600 horsepower twin-turbo engine in 7-series

BMW has announced a third generation alpina tuned model based on the ‘7 series’ offered in the united states. the 2017 alpina ‘B7 xDrive’ is paired with precision dynamics, effortless performance and comfort at the highest level. integrated with a 4.4 liter eight-cylinder engine accompanied by twin-turbo charging and direct injection, the car delivers an impressive output of 600bHP between 5750 rpm and 6250 rpm. the result is a luxury four-door that can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds.

alpina’s engineering tuners are responsible for significant technical details including the air intake system, the intercooler and trubocharger configuration and the high performance cooling system. the twin-turbo charging system comprises of two specially developed turbochargers positioned in the ‘V’ formation of the engine. this will encourage faster oxygen speeds through the enlarged inlet and outlet diameters.



the BMW alpina ‘B7 xDrive’ features the german’s latest suspension technology, offering its driver the same long distance cruising comfort of the predecessor while at the same time significantly sharpening the agility, handling and lateral dynamics commensurate to the power output. with the ‘driving dynamics control’ used to select the appropriate mode, the two-axel air suspension system is primarily responsible for the level of ride comfort. at speeds above 140 mph, the height is lowered by 0.8 inches, to lower the center of gravity thereby increasing agility and high speed stability.

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all images courtesy of BMW

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